How to Rent Out My Vacation Rental!

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How to Rent Out Your Vacation Rental for Profit:

Or.. Is renting your Home worth it? is the Premiere Reservation Management System for Vacation Rentals on the Internet. For Houses, Apartments, Duplexes, Rooms, Condominiums, Trailers and more.
• We do not take consignments. Provides a platform where Vacation Rental owners can offer their fine homes to people who want to rent a Vacation Rental or for business

• NO Contracts. Cancel at anytime.

• The 2 most important elements we offer are 1: We get traffic. About 10,000 people a day come to our site looking for a Vacation Rental to rent.
And 2: We have been renting our own homes for over 3 years and we've perfected the rental process. We've answered all the questions and we have bullet proof contracts that protect you and your Vacation Rental.
• All for a small percentage. (See Comission Chart)

• You can rent outside our site with NO penalty.

• You decide how and when your Vacation Rental is used
• We get the visitors to come to you
• You get a listing page listing all the details of your Vacation Rental (Sample Listing)
Virtual Tour / Slide Show showing users what your Vacation Rental looks like
Reservation calendar listing all the dates your Vacation Rental has available

• Renters reserve your Vacation Rental with a 25% PayPal deposit

• Renters reserve instantly using a valid credit card through PayPal.
• Using a credit card for the reservation creates 'Built In Security' when you verify the card holder with a picture ID on check in. • You can also have renters send you a Request that you can approve or reject
You can also verify renters by checking work and personal references.
• Your reservation calendar is updated automatically in real time
• A complete rental contract is emailed to you and the renter. Just have your renter sign it on pick up. (Sample Contract)
• Renter pays you the balance of the rental charge on pick up with cash or however you prefer
• You can also Manually update your reservation calendar in real time to reserve your Vacation Rental for yourself or family, for others or to cancel reservations
• Listing / Renting your Vacation Rental pays for it and you get to use it when you want
You can rent it out, on your own with no fees.

You keep all the proceeds

• Many owners have made 10 x's the value of their Vacation Rental
• Charge as much as you want for a security deposit (security deposit is 100% refundable when renter returns your rental in the same condition)
• If there are damages, deduct the charges from the security deposit.
• Create financial reports at any time giving you totals for any time period on any Vacation Rentas or all your Vacation Rentals. Report your sales tax in minutes.
• Everything is automated. is the Premiere Reservation Management System on the Internet.
• In most cases, you'll never have to talk to the renter until they check in. And you can be 100% sure you've got good renters.

• You'll need to plan on some cleaning in between each rental.

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